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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aquilaria species

Aquilaria hirta Ridl.

Distributes in Malay Peninsula (Trengganu, Pahang, Johore), Singapore and east Sumatra (Senamaninik), Riau and Lingga islands. This species grows on hill slopes, from the lowland up to 300 m.

Aquilaria microcarpa Baill
Distributes in Malay Peninsula, Sumatra (Sijunjung, Palembang and Lampung), Belitung, Bangka and throughout Borneo. Grows on lowland forest up to 200 m

Aquilaria cumingiana (Decne) Ridl
Distribution areas: South Borneo (Sampit region), Philippines (common), and Moluccas (Morotai and Halmahera), in primary forest at low and medium altitudes.

Aquilaria grandiflora Bth.
Distribution area China

Aquilaria secundana D.C.
Distribution area Moluccas

Aquilaria moszkowskii Gilg
Distribution area Sumatra

Aquilaria tomentosa Gilg
Distribution area New Guinea

Aqularia baillonii Pierre ex Lecomte
Distribution area Cambodia

Aquilaria sinensis Merr.
Distribution area China

Aquilaria apiculata Merr.
Distribution area Philippines (Mindanao)

Aquilaria acuminate (Merr.)Quis.
Distribution area Philippine

Aquilaria yunnanensis S.C. Huang
Distribution area China

Gyrinops versteegii (Gilg.) Domke
Distribution areas: Lesser Sunda Islands (Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba); North Celebes (Minahasa) and West New Guinea. This species scattered from the lowland up to 900 m. This species closely related to Gyrinops podocarpus which also found in West New Guinea

Gyrinops moluccana (Miq.) Baill.
Distribution area Buru and Halmahera, in rain-forest

Gyrinops decipiens Ding Hou
Distribution area Central Celebes (Wavatoli, Palarahi), in rain-forest, 100 m.

Gyrinops ledermanii Domke
Distribution area New Guinea (Sepik R., Mt. Pfingst), at slope in dense virgin forest, foot of the mountain, at 0-200 m

Gyrinops salicifolia Ridl.
Distribution area Western New Guinea (Utakwa, Nabire), in fringing rain-forest, 300 m.

Gyrinops audate (Gilg) Domke
Distribution area New Guinea (Sidai, Mt. Arfak) at primary forest 5-20 m.

Gyrinops podocarpus (Gilg.) Domke
Distribution area West New Guinea (Ramoi, Sorong, Monep, Idenburg), in primary forest, from lowland up t Distribution area Distribution area 750m.